Make it for Mom

April 29th, 2010 by Regina Brett

My favorite Life Lesson in the book is "The best is yet to come." It tells the story of my relationship with my mom and how I came to know, appreciate and value her better.


When she turned 75,  I  made a list of 75 things I loved about her for her birthday. The first ten were easy. She gave me five brothers and five sisters. I gave her the list as part of her gift.


This week I signed books at the Jesuit Retreat House and told the story about my mom and that lesson. Many women bought a book to give their moms for Mother's Day. Two women said they planned to write inside the book a list of all the things they loved about their moms.


They decided to list one thing for every year that she had been their mom. What a great gift, to tell your mom on Mother's Day all that you love about her. Don't wait til she turns 75 like I did.

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