An excerpt from Be the Miracle:

I’ve never forgotten the day I was a ball of stress and stopped to pay for parking. In most parking lots, you pull up, the person takes your money, gives you change, and you pull away. Your eyes never meet and neither of you remembers the encounter.

This time the attendant looked me in the eye, greeted me, shook my hand, and gave me a blessing before I left.

He told me he loved his job and saw it as his ministry to bless people as they passed through his parking lot into the rest of their day. Where I saw a mere money collector, he saw a mission in life. He left me feeling renewed and calm.

We’ve all had moments like that. They happen when you are with people who know that everyone matters, that you don’t have to make a lot of money to make a big difference, that you can simply start where you are and magnify the good.

For the past 26 years, I’ve had the privilege to be a columnist at the Plain Dealer in Cleveland, and before that, at the Beacon Journal in Akron. I’ve had a front-row seat on life. Ordinary people from all walks of life have opened their hearts and shared with me how they’ve made the impossible possible. You’ll meet some of them in this book, since some of these essays originally appeared in those newspapers.

My cancer journey inspired my first book, God Never Blinks: 50 Lessons for Life’s Little Detours. My readers inspired my second book, Be the Miracle: 50 Lessons for Making the Impossible Possible.

I hope this book will challenge you to be your best self, to go make something possible, to be the miracle.


“Regina Brett's book, God Never Blinks, provides practical insights that can change the world.”
DEEPAK CHOPRA, author of The Ultimate Happiness Prescription:


“Regina Brett is a gifted observer of the experiences that shape who we are, and her lessons unfold with buoyancy, humor and a courageous honesty. She has given us a beautifully written roadmap for life.”
JEFFREY ZASLOW, coauthor of The Last Lecture

“I intend to give my eighty-two-year-old dad a copy of God Never Blinks. I will also buy one for a sixteen-year-old friend. This wise, compassionate, and honest book is a blueprint for living a happy, fulfilling life. Its lessons are timeless – and timely.”
THRITY UMRIGAR, author of The Space Between Us


"I've long admired Regina Brett's writing, not least because she's a terrific storyteller–smart, funny, and thoughtful, with real insight into the complexities and nuances of our everyday lives." 
-- DAN CHAON, author of Await Your Reply


"I love this book! It is powerful, poignant, funny, and magical. Read it and Regina Brett's magic will touch your heart."
JOE ESZTERHAS, author of Crossbearer and Hollywood Animal


“How can one be so lucky as to live in the city where the morning cup of coffee comes with the joy and power of Regina Brett.  Her writing routinely entertains as it stimulates change. Many beg her to share her columns in a more permanent form. Here she fulfills both dreams. While you'll almost certainly enjoy the pearls and stories, you'll probably change as well.”
Dr. MICHAEL ROIZEN, co-author of You: The Owner’s Manual with DR. MEHMET OZ

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Reader's Guide to God Never Blinks

Faith-based Reader's Guide to God Never Blinks

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