Day 11: Get Dirty

Sometimes you just gotta sink your hands into the earth. 

Call it gardening if you must.

 It's probably the only time we really feel the earth we are standing on, tethered to a planet spinning in space, kept here by the energy of gravity that keeps us all from floating away.

Sometimes I forget I'm a speck in this grand universe. Digging in the soil reminds me we're part of something bigger and smaller. Worms. Potato bugs. Lady bugs. Spiders. There are whole ecosystems everywhere. 

This spring it's been wild in the backyard. Chipmunks zipping back and forth. Squirrels racing spirals around the tree trunks. Birds swooping in and out. My backyard is a Disney cartoon. If only they could clean the house.

Digging in the dirt makes them all happy. Or maybe it makes me stop to see the bliss they live in that we miss. After I plant and mulch, I sit back on the swing in silence and watch them explore the mess for worms or nuts or seeds. 

And me, I just feel the earth under my feet thank me for thanking it.