Day 15: Sacred Space

Everyone needs a home away from home.

My spiritual home is the Jesuit Retreat House. It's located on 57-acres of peace tucked back behind busy State Road in Parma, Cleveland's largest suburb.

When the world knocks me down, JRH always picks me up. 

We were there on Sunday for the baptism of my granddaughter, River. The ceremony started with Louis Armstrong singing, "What a Wonderful World." Is it ever. Every day is a gift waiting to be opened. 

The ceremony ended with Joan Baez singing, "Forever Young." It's a beautiful prayer for a baby or anyone who wants to stay young all through life. 

The family took a walk around the paved path that takes you on the edges of the woods. The path circles around, forming a long oval. In the middle is a sea of grass that always seems to be glistening, either under sunlight or moonlight.

Our oldest son, Ben, asked what that area was used for. Yoga? Tai Chi? I smiled.

I've been coming on retreats here for 32 years. What do we use that sea of green for?

Absolutely nothing. I can hear Father Jim Lewis telling me often, “God delights in your presence.” We don’t need to do a thing for God.

That field is a giant reminder for me to just be. 

To stand still under God's love and soak up the shine.