Day 16: Good Vibrations

Ever have one of those days when you just feel off inside?

You feel scattered, as if you sprung a leak and all your inner energy is leaking out, running every which way like school kids at recess.

When we were little, we used to break thermometers and play with the mercury.  Back then, we had never heard of mercury poisoning. The mercury formed a shaky, shiny, silver blob that we poked to break it into a dozen smaller shaky blobs. Then we scooted them closer until they rolled together and smooshed magically back into one big ball of mercury.

I sometimes feel that scatteredness within. I feel that longing to get centered, to collect all the broken pieces of me and feel whole again.

My singing bowl helps. I bought it at Ten Thousand Villages. It was made in Nepal. You tap the bowl then run the wooden stick along the edges of the bowl and it sings. Softly, then loudly. You can feel the vibration move through you. I keep it on the dresser in my bedroom. 

Whenever I feel scattered and in need of alignment, I stand over the bowl, feet firmly planted on the ground, take a deep, cleansing breath, and tap the bowl. It's like inhaling a bouquet of roses. It’s like a 90-minute massage. 

The singing bowl never fails to sing me back to my center.

And it’s much safer than mercury.