Day 18: Pocket of Joy

They say the devil is in the details.

 I say that’s where God is. Tucked in all the small stuff of life.

In the details. In the accessories. In the moments that stay with you years from now. Or at least linger until bedtime like a lullaby that sings you to sleep. 

You just have to notice them before they pop like bubbles. Every day is full of them. 

Today the pockets of joy that I tucked in my pocket….

I opened the car sunroof to let in the rain. To feel drop by drop the sky water the earth, and me.

When it began to pour, I closed it and turned the radio off to listen to the drops tap dance on the roof. It was worth pulling over the car, just to hear that sound alone.

I got to swing my grandbaby, River, who at 1 is pure joy. When she sits in the baby swing in the backyard, she opens her mouth so wide to smile, her face nearly disappears. Pretend to grab her tiny toes and she laughs herself silly and nearly tumbles out of the swing. 

In the car with Ainsley, who is nearly 3, and Asher, who is 5, we turned up the Irish music. Who cares that it's June? It’s lively and fun and wild to hear two children scream from the backseat, “And it’s no, nay, never!”

Today I felt the joy from my head down to my toes, which I took time to paint a red that screams, “Here I am! Let’s dance!”