Day 21: Shine

Until now, the summer solstice was just the longest day of the year. It had to do with the sun and the earth and little to do with me.

This year, I joined a circle of people on June 21st to meditate all day under the guidance of medical intuitive Sarah Weiss. What a powerful experience.

She said solstice is a time to “re-member.” A time to become our unique selves. A chance to know ourselves in a new way. A time to get into harmony with your best self.

I spent the day getting centered in a circle of like-minded people in a day-long guided meditation. It was so powerful that I’m still processing it. I feel changed in a deep way that is still being revealed. If you’ve ever had your piano tuned, it’s a bit like getting yourself tuned. The sheet music might look the same but the sound from the piano is so much richer it blows you away.

One of my sisters also soaked up the energy of the day. She sent out this email:

“As it is summer solstice, I looked up a meditation for today: 

"Now take from this light the energy that you need, and know that there is plenty for all. For the Source of this light is endless and ever abundant. Take a moment to experience Her abundance, and know that as you partake of Her light and Her love, so do you give your light and your love. And as you give energy, so do you receive it. And thus does the circle of life continue."

As she did the meditation, she sent light and love to individual members of our family, one by one. There are 11 siblings, so it’s a lot of light to share.

She wrote, “I like the part about there being enough light for everyone because I felt like there was never enough of anything to go around when we were kids. I also like that the abundant energy/light is female. Feel free to try this meditation and send out some light and love.”

That’s what I’m still trying to do. Send out light and love.

My simple prayer for everyone I encounter is this: “God bless them with light and love and your perfect saving grace.”

Imagine how long the daylight would last if all day long we would all just shine.