Be A Miracle

If you want to see a miracle, be one. 

The women did just that.

They invited me to speak about my book "Be the Miracle" at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Oklahoma City on Saturday. After the talk we had a lovely luncheon, then we got to work. 

We had four choices: 

Knitting for babies in Infant Crisis Services 

Making valentines for children in the Boys and Girls Club

Learning about the global impact of Water4 portable wells 

Filling backpacks for child sex trafficking victims who are rescued in Oklahoma City.

I joined a room full of women to fill backpacks. Organizations from all over the city donated shorts, T-shirts, underwear, flip flops and personal hygeine items, like combs, shampoo, soap and toothpaste. The tables were labeled for Girls and for Boys and broken down by age: 

Ages 6-10; 10-12, 12-18.

Six? How could someone prey on a chid so young? 

Clyde Caldwell, a police chaplain for the Oklahoma City Police Department, told us how sex trafficking has grown, especially in Oklahoma City. The city is central in the USA and a series of highways and interstates there make it easy for criminals to exploit women and children and immigrants for sex or for work both in the United States and Mexico.

We filled 250 packs in 45 minutes. We also put a Bible into each pack and our own silent blessings.

Each time I tucked in a pair of little pink or purple underwear in a pack for a girl 6-8, I said a prayer for that child and hoped for each one, a miracle.