Day 4: Choose To Be Comfortable

My daughter taught me an important lesson about shopping for clothes.

If you don't love it, don't buy it. If you don't love it, you won't wear it.

Take a look in your closet. How many blouses, shirts, shoes, ties, belts, purses and boots do you have that you talked yourself into? You liked them but didn't love them. Or you thought you would grow to like them more.

They were almost perfect. The blouse was a little snug. The fabric on the dress was a little clingy. The pants were a little long. The shoes pinched at the heel but the sales person said they would stretch. The belt was too narrow. The boots weren't the shade of black you wanted but the brown ones were on sale so you settled.

When it comes to adorning you, don't settle.

When it comes to being comfortable, don't settle. 

I was shopping for sandals yesterday, hoping to find comfortable, durable, attractive ones that I wouldn't want to take off once I put them on. That's the way to choose clothes you love: they want to stay on you and you want them on. You'd leave the store wearing them if you could.

So I tried on a pair of Ecco sandals. The wide strap across the front rubbed against my bone and hurt. I told the sales person they felt great everywhere except there.

Then I tried on a pair of Merrell sandals. Same problem but with a narrower strap. "These don't hurt as much, but they still hurt," I told her.

She fiddled with the strap, shrugged and said, "They fit better than the other pair. They just hurt a little."  

In the past, I would have listened to her instead of my feet.

I voted with my feet and left the store without new sandals.

And I left wondering how many things that woman has in her closet that go unworn.