We're ALL IN for the Cleveland Cavs

This is Cleveland’s new motto.

The Cavs have created electricity you can feel everywhere in Greater Cleveland and beyond. Even our art museum and the Cleveland Clinic are dressed up in Cavs banners.

Cleveland is a city that once searched for a better motto and ended up with: "Cleveland's a plum." And "Believe in Cleveland." 

Unfortunately, the unofficial motto remained: "There's Always Next Year."

Well, THIS is the year.

We've endured it all. Even our children, who may not have been alive for some or all of them, can list the litany of our sports disasters: Red Right 88. The Catch. The Trade. The Drive. The Shot. The Fumble. The Move. The Decision.

Then something strange happened.

We decided to embrace what we had, wins and losses, and own who we are, quirks and all, to create something even better.

The Cavs won their first ever NBA finals game on Sunday in overtime without three of our stars. Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are out with injuries.

We're no longer the Mistake on the Lake. Far from it.

America's North Coast has never been more on fire. Yes, we can joke about our river burning and our mayor's hair catching fire. It's part of our quirky past. We can simply blame the lake effect like we do for everything else.

We're hot in Cleveland and have been for a while. Buzzfeed listed us in 16 Spectacular Places to Travel in 2015.


That's a word we rarely use to describe our city.

What’s here? The Gay Games. The Republican National Convention. The casino. The convention center.

How about a T-shirt that with the litany of our city's successes? The Art Museum. The Orchestra. The Metroparks. The Theaters. The Universities. The Diversity.

We take our greatness for granted.

The Cleveland Play House accepted the 2015 Regional Theatre Tony Award on Sunday.

As Forbes wrote, "Very few folks realize that (Cleveland) is home to the nation's second most vibrant theater district after New York's Broadway, with fourteen major live stages in one concise spot, Playhouse Square. That's the biggest draw for the regional drive market, with an ever-changing slew of top plays and musicals."

We've got new hotels, an aquarium and a massive outdoor chandelier at Euclid Avenue and East 14th Street.

But too often the only thing people think we’re No. 1 at is being the most cursed sports city in the country.

Why? No major Cleveland professional sports team has won a championship since 1964.

It's like a disclaimer. We can't really be great because we haven't won THE BIG ONE.

Well this is the year. We are ALL IN.  

The sports curse on this town is over. Erased. Gone.

We're ALL IN for what's next:

The Title.