Love always trumps hate, even now.

On the morning of the inauguration, I prayed for Donald Trump.

Every morning at the end of my prayers, I offer a prayer for "the person who needs a prayer most." I never know who that might be, but today I figured it must be him. I asked that his heart be opened wider and filled with a deeper love for all. 

Then I opened my own heart, which is so tempted to close on him. And I made a vow, one that I hope to keep for the next four years:

I will not give in to fear.

I will not give in to negativity.

I will not give in to hate.

I will not criticize Donald Trump for his hair style or tan or body shape or clothes. I will not like or share posts that make fun of how he looks. I will not judge his wife for how she dresses or share or like any posts that make fun of any of her past choices.

There is much talk about resistance. Many have been called to resist, to march, to protest, to take action, to speak out loudly and often to fight for justice and equality. It is a powerful calling.

Resistance has not been my calling.  I have listened long and deeply to the counsel of my own soul which has brought me to this place and to this response:

I will not resist. I will not close my heart on anyone.

Not on my family, friends and strangers who voted differently than me.

Not on those who post unkind comments about the president and first family that I loved for the past eight years.

Not on Donald Trump, who through the votes of others, became my country’s next president.

What will I do?

The greatest act of bravery and love that I am called to do:

Embrace love and kindness and spread them so they go viral to everyone around me, even the people I am tempted to unfriend or avoid or belittle. Especially them.

I am going to be a contagion of hope and love and joy and spread them through close contact with people of all genders, races, religions, sexual orientation, ages and ideologies.

No matter what anyone else chooses to do or say or be, I will be the love I want to see in the world. I will be the hope I want to see in the world. I will be the joy I want to see in the world.

I will open my heart even wider. To love. To hope. To joy. To peace. To harmony. To us. To ALL of us.

We are bigger than any one person. “We” is what our democracy is based on. 

“We the people.”

That’s us.

We are the “we.”

My daughter still has the red, white and blue sign in her window that reads:  Love trumps hate.

It always has. It always will.

Especially now.